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MotherLove -original- coming soon

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MotherLove -original- coming soon

MotherLove (working title) is a true work of love. Ive been working on this painting for well over two years. I actually put her away for almost a year because I did not feel my skill was up to my vision at the time.  But now I am so close to finished and I couldn't wait to share. 

I started with a large 36"x48" wood cradled board with 2" deep edges. I added a 6 inch wide plaster border.  The border is fairly textured and is panted in acrylics.  The central portrait of the mother and baby is painted in oils. i am finishing up a few details and will be adding some gold leaf to the central painting and in the border.  I think i will gold leaf the 2" sides as well, so it could be hung without framing, though it might be glorious with a large gilded frame.

When I am not painting, I work full time as a NICU RN. Moms and babies are also my life's work and I have put that love into this painting.  I will update photos and have a price once its finished.  Please let me know if yiou have any questions.